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It's nice to meet you.... 


I remember as young as 12 or 13, sitting in the stylist chair at the local beauty salon having perm rods wound into my hair. I was desperate for curls! It was the early 90's. I marveled at the cool, confident stylists as they worked..took in all the different smells and loved all the action. It was like a front row seat at a concert! My love affair with hair began. I wanted to be just like them one day, a Hairdresser.

This obsession with hair grew into having 'make over' themed slumber parties as an early teen, even my younger brother took part, letting us dress him up as our model in make up and wigs (yes, there's pictures ) 

In my early twenties I landed an un expected Corporate job as a Logistics Analyst. I learned the ins and outs of business and grew with the company for 7 years. When the recession hit all across America, I was out of work by 2010. But it got me thinking, did I even like it? What was my true passion? Hair! This was my leap of faith moment.

I enrolled at the Aveda Institute of Beauty in Wellness downtown Milwaukee. After graduating in 2012 I began work at Roots Salon in Brookfield. My business grew quite rapidly as I continued to perfect my craft, gain numerous certifications and build a clientel.

Love lead me to the UK in 2015. I packed my bags and headed for West Sussex, England just South of London. There I worked as an Advanced Senior Stylist with an incredible group of girls! Expanding my skill sets and receiving World class education at the Wella Academy in London.  During my time 'across the pond' I also traveled extensively to 27 absolutely incredible countries! 

I returned home to the States in July of 2017 and set up Palette & Fringe in December of 2017.  I have been blessed in soo many ways, and am truly thankful for my journey. My feet are firmly planted back in Wisconsin and I cannot wait to meet new faces, connect with old friends and share my wealth of knowledge.  I call my clients "friends' because that's what we become! A 'just-right' haircut or perfected color is the product of the relationships I cultivate with each and every one of you. The better we know each other, the better I can tailor services around your personality and lifestyle. We're a team! Cant wait to welcome you.

Cheers to more good hair days!  Heather - Stylist/Owner

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